About Our Practice

We are a family dental practice catering to the needs of all ages. It is our primary goal to make sure that every patient is cared for to the best of our ability. Prevention is the name of the game in healthcare!
Our skilled dentists, Dr. Robert SuppleDr. Tom Baiamonte, and Dr. Bethany Hann provide excellent comprehensive dental care in addition to offering restorative and cosmetic dentistry,

  • Dr. Supple specializes in treating TMJ/TMD disorders, migraines, and sleep apnea dental appliances.
  • Dr. Baiamonte specializes in implant and surgical procedures.
  • Dr. Hann specializes in general dentistry.

We utilize advanced technological tools, including the T-Scan® computerized bite analysis system, digital imaging, and dental lasers to ensure that you receive the best level of care possible.



Our Mission Statement

It is our goal to provide total health and wellness solutions that exceed the expectations of our patients.
“Growth, development, function and adaptation are unique to every patient. Transferring that knowledge to the heart of therapy is a quest for excellence that never ends.”
Dr. Robert C. Supple