We offer a full range of dental hygiene services including routine cleanings (which may include cavirton/prophyjet procedures), digital x-rays and panographs, coronal polishing, teeth whitening, application of tooth sensitivity reduction agents and fluoride treatments. We also offer more extensive periodontal treatments such as scaling and root planning, flap and graft, and laser periodontal therapies.

Our hygienists are certified in diode laser therapy to help treat gingivitis, inflammation, periodontal disease, and tooth sensitivity. This cutting-edge technology kills the bacteria that causes gingivitis and gum disease. It also stimulates collagen and connective tissue production which regenerates gum attachments, making them stronger and healthier.

These laser therapies can typically be performed at the time of regularly scheduled dental hygiene visits since they typically only require topical anesthesia, if any, and aproximatly 30 seconds per tooth. Feel free to ask our hygienists if laser therapy would benefit you.

“Growth development, function and adaptation is unique to every patient. Transferring that knowledge to the heart of therapy is a quest for excellence that never ends.”

Dr. Robert C. Supple

Our Mission Statement

It is our goal to provide total health and wellness solutions that exceed the expectations of our patients.