Soft Tissue Laser

Soft Tissue (Gum) Laser Dentistry Procedures vary depending on your clinician. Our skilled hygienists are all certified to provide laser dentistry. We use diode lasers in our practice. We utilize advanced dental technology for a non-invasive treatment of periodontal/gum disease.

The laser kills bacteria that is causing your gums to not heal on their own.  The laser can effectively treat canker and cold sores. It can take the pain away from canker sores instantly, and allow them to heal often within 24 hours. And the LASER kills the viruses that cause cold sores, allowing rapid healing so that you don’t have to hide your embarrassment for the next 2 weeks.

Dental lasers can reshape gum tissue (soft tissue laser) and bone (hard tissue laser) to expose healthier tooth structure. Referred to as crown lengthening, such reshaping provides a stronger foundation for the placement of restorations.

We can help improve the health of your gums and enhance the cosmetic appeal of your gums in relation to your smile!


Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

With its 1 to 2 mm active range from the tip, the laser dentistry provides pinpoint accuracy, reducing the chance of causing damage to healthy tissues. These instruments are as safe as anything used in dentistry. The only safety measure necessary during laser treatment is proper protective glasses, which we provide for your use.

Is Laser Dentistry Expensive?

Laser dentistry is a proactive approach. The price varies depending on the type of treatment that is needed. It will pay for itself by improving the overall health of your gums and teeth.

Our Mission Statement

It is our goal to provide total health and wellness solutions that exceed the expectations of our patients.

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