We currently have several whitening options, both in office and at home systems, that you can customize to your needs.

TresWhite Supreme

The TresWhite Supreme is a take home whitening kit with pre-loaded strips that adhere to your teeth, which are worn for one hour a day and for ten days. Compared to our other products, this product does contain the lowest amount of whitening ingredients.

Opalescence Tooth Whitening System

The Opalescence system is also an at home whitening system, which will be used for one hour a day for five to seven consecutive days. However, this system comes with custom whitening trays that are made here at the dental office for maximum fit and comfort. This system also contains a higher amount of whitening ingredients, which significantly increase the end result. In addition, you will receive whitening gel to last you a year. For whitening sessions, after the first year, you may purchase additional whitening gel at our office.

Check out this link for before and after photos of patients who used Opalescence products.

Check out this link for additional information on any of our home whitening systems.

Laser Whitening

With our laser whitening system you will see full results in a two hour visit. It starts with a qualified dental technician placing a concentrated whitening gel on your teeth. The whitening gel is then activated by the light from the laser for thirty minutes. You will also receive custom trays and additional whitening gel for future touch ups. The following is information from the manufacturer’s website.

“Fast, effective, and gentle whitening with zero sensitivity. The Sapphire Chair side Whitening System is quick and gentle, and contains fluoride to help prevent demineralization and caries. When combined with the Sapphire Supreme Plasma Arc Curing and Whitening Light, the system is clinically proven to beautifully whiten teeth up to 12 shades lighter in 60 minutes and over 7 shades lighter in 30 minutes, without the use of harmful UV rays.* Sapphire Desensitizing Gel shields against whitening sensitivity. The Sapphire After Care kit is included. The kit contains Sapphire Brilliance toothpaste, which fights cavities and is infused with stain-fighting crystals. To help the patient maintain their healthy, pearly-white smile, the kit includes three Sapphire Home Whitening Gel syringes, custom mouth guard resin sheets, and case”.

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