Composite Fillings and Bonding

Mercury found in amalgam fillings, is a highly toxic substance. While some dentists still feel comfortable placing it in their patient’s mouths – we don’t.

The potential side effects of mercury should be eliminated by replacing them with BEAUTIFUL white bonded restorations. Amalgam fills over a period of time put pressure on the teeth and can cause cracks and decay in the teeth. Bonded fills are less likely to cause such side effects and are a great option for all.

Teeth that are chipped, cracked, misaligned, or discolored. A plastic putty-like resin is used to rebuild the teeth and make them look natural. Bonding is also a great alternative for patient’s that can not yet afford veneers.

The resin is exposed to a curing light that dries and hardens the resin. Then the tooth is smoothed and polished.

We continue to update our bonding material and offer the latest materials to provide our patient’s with the strongest, longest lasting, and best materials available.


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